Hospital dislysis equipment Fetal doppler Ultrasound Scanner Ultrasound Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Medbes
Certification: CE,ISO
Model Number: M-C300
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Price: 9999usd
Packaging Details: standard package
Delivery Time: 7 days
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T, MoneyGram, L/C
Supply Ability: 666pcs
Detail Information
Elements: 128elements Monitor: 15 Inch LED Monitor
Battery: Built In Li-battery Porbe Onnector: 2
USB Ports: 2 Language System: Chinese/English/Spanish French/Portuguese /Russian
4D Function: Yes Grey Levels: 256
Body Mark: 57 Frequency: 2-12 Mhz
Electronic Focus: 4

Product Description


4D Laptop Ultrasound Scanner


The main promotion direction is Obstetric and gynecological examination, 4D fetal doppler ultrasound scanner.

It's our middle High-end portable color Doppler ultrasound, Portable, 15 inch LED screen, 2 probe interfaces, large capacity lithium battery 15600 mAh*11.1V.


Hospital dislysis equipment Fetal doppler Ultrasound Scanner Ultrasound Machine




Items Name Description
1 Element 128 Elements
2 Li-battery Yes, 15600mAh * 1.1V
3 Monitor 15 inch LED Monitor
4 Probe Connectors 2
5 USB Ports 2
6 Language system Chinese/English/Spanish/French/Portuguese/Russian/
7 4D YES
8 Probes Convex, Linear, Micro-convex,Trans-vaginal and 4D Probe
9 UPS Optional
10 Grey Levels 256


Main specifications and system overview


1)Full-Digital 2D gray scale imaging

2)Full-Digital Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)

3)Color Doppler blood flow imaging

4)Directional color energy Doppler imaging

5)Pulse Wave Doppler imaging (PW)

6)Continuous Wave Doppler imaging (CW)

7)Space compound imaging

8)Trapezoidal imaging

9)2D, color, Doppler mode automatic optimization adjustment technology

11)Adaptive speckle suppression technology

12)Real-time 3D imaging

13)Intelligent picture - in - picture imaging mode (PIP)

14)Monitor: 15 inch high resolution medical LCD monitor, adjustable angle

15)Probe connectors: ≥2 active


1. Multiple probe configuration:

1.1 Convex probe frequency: 2.0-5.0MHZ(multi-frequency, Harmonic frequency≥5 ), probe scanning angle 20°~85°, visible and adjustable.

1.2 Linear probe frequency: 6.0-12.0MHZ(multi-frequency, harmonic frequency ≥4 ), probe scanning with trapezoidal imaging technology and 2D beam deflection technology

1.3 Trans-vaginal probe frequency: 5.0-9.0MHZ(multi-frequency, harmonic frequency ≥2 ), probe scanning angle 20°~160°, visible and adjustable.

1.4 Real time 3D (4D) volume probe frequency: 2.0-6.0MHz, 4 segments multi-frequency.

1.5 Phased array probe frequency: 2.5-4.0MHz, 3 segments multi-frequency.

Applications: abdominal, urology, OB&GYN, paediatrics / neonatal, superficial / small organ, musculoskeletal, cardiology etc.



Main technical specification

  • 2D imaging mode

2.1 Gray scale: 256

2.2 Gray Map: ≥16 level, visible and adjustable

2.3 Dynamic range: 20-280db(visible and adjustable)

2.4 Resolution: Horizontal≤1mm; Vertical≤0.5mm

2.5 Under B mode, focus number: 1-6, focus position continuously adjustable

2.6 STC gain control ≥8 segments

2.7 THI: harmonic frequency ≥2 segments

2.8 Line density: ≥256, visible and adjustable

2.9 Preset: ≥40 kinds, users can customize the inspection conditions for the optimized images of different organs

2.10 Max scanning depth: ≥31cm, visible and adjustable

2.11 Scanning angle: 50°-100°, visible and adjustable

2.12 Cine loop ≥4800 frames

2.13 Adaptive speckle suppressio: 0-100 adjustable

2.14 Amplification: overall amplification, local amplification, M-type amplification(do M-type sampling amplification under both scanning or freeze state)


3. Color blood flow imaging mode:

3.1 Color gain: adjustable

3.2 Color frequency: ≥3 kinds, visible and adjustable

3.3 Sampling frame: size and position adjustable

3.4 Color blood flow steer: ≥3 angles adjustable

3.5 Color map: 1-9 level

3.6 Color persist: 0-6 level

3.7 B/C split display: available


4. Engery Doppler:

4.1 Directional Energy Doppler: available

4.2 Engery Doppler Gain: adjustable

4.3 B/C split display: available

4.4 Engery chart: 1-8 level

4.5 Engery persist: 0-6 level

5. Doppler mode:

5.1With Pulse Wave Doppler (PW) and Continuous Wave Doppler (CW)

5.2 PW blood flow measurement speed: min speed: ≤0.2 cm/s, max speed: ≥1500cm/s

5.3 CW blood flow measuremnet speed: min speed: ≤0.6cm /s , max speed: ≥7000cm/s

5.4 Sampling volume size: 1mm-20mm, visible and adjustable

5.5 Sampling angle correction: -80-80 °

5.6 Spectral Gain: adjustable

5.7 PW Doppler frequency: ≥3 kinds, CW Doppler frequency: ≥15 kinds, visible and adjustable

5.8 Real-time automatic Doppler envelope mapping and automatic measurement and analysis

5.9 Baseline: Zero shift adjustable


6. Measurement and analysis:

6.1 General measurement

6.2 OB&GYN measurement

6.3 Cardiac function measurement and analysis

6.4 Doppler blood flow measurement and analysis

6.5 Peripheral blood vessel measurement and analysis

6.6 Urology measurement and analysis

6.7 Orthopedic measurement and analysis

6.8 Automatic Doppler flow measurement and analysis

6.9 Users can programme protocol numbers, formulas and tables


7. Built-in graphic management system

7.1 Diagnostic report editable, embed the ultrasound diagnostic image in the report, and print directly

7.2 Hard disk static and dynamic image storage 560G capacity

7.3 Image storage format: ≥4 kinds

7.4 Input / output interface: HDMI port, video input/output port, S-VGA, print port, DICOM 3.0,USB port


Probes Optional:


Items Probe Name
1 Convex Array probe
2 High Frequency Linear probe
3 Micro-convex Array probe
4 Trans-rectal probe
5 Transvagional probe
6 4D probe
7 Visual abortion probe:


Hospital dislysis equipment Fetal doppler Ultrasound Scanner Ultrasound Machine

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